Odd Question for a Tuesday - Corgi Paws Smell like...

Ok so here it is.

Since Wally has been a new pup in our home my wife and I have been having an argument about what he smells like.    Sure he does occasionally smells like a wet dog but I'm focusing on his paws and pads.  

You see, from the first time I did a motorboat on his pads and gave him kisses, I was strucked by a noticeable smell.    And it still sticks with him as of today.



Christine says it does not but for me it's the same exact smell I get from bringing back left over popcorn after a showing and opening the bag 24-48 hours later. 

So Wally has earned the nickname "Popcorn".    :)


Please feel free to share any distinct smell and if you haven't tried yet, take your furry friend's pads to you nose and try it out...      HAPPY TUESDAY everyone.

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Frito feet, lol.

Corn chips! Males seem worse than females, or maybe it just varies from dog to dog.

Fritos!  I think its the salt from them sweating through their paw pads, but who knows.  I actually love that smell. :)  LOL


Frito toes!!!

Fritos!!!  I agree with Beth....Max's feet always smell like that but not Katie's.

See explanation here!

Maggie's feet smell like Fritos!

I think it may be urine. Even with a lifted leg pee approach some urine inevitably ends up on one or more paws and it sticks, probably because corgi paws are closer to the bodies. I haven't noticed the smell since I started dipping Sully's paws in warm water, or wiping them off with baby wipes to get the snow and salt removed after she goes outside. Her bed smells better too since she isn't laying on it with smelly paws.

Well gotta say the Fritos seems to be the winner for this category.   Guess the soil, age of the pup and level of activity plays a part in it too.   :)

I don't want to be a Debby Downer, but frito feet can be a sign of yeast overgrowth:


Kelso's feet get like that, then he starts to smell a little frito-y himself, and we know it's time for a bath with tea tree oil in the shampoo and some probiotic capsules.

I agree---- movie theater popcorn. We call/called both of our corgis (and in fact other types of puppies) "Popcorn Toes." It seems to lessen with age. Hubby's aunt was the first one to point this out to me when we got Asta as a little pup.


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