I never imagined I would be sending this update on Sully's recent condition but I am afraid the injury to her neck has not improved, in fact it is much worse and the cost of surgery is prohibitive, especially considering the chance of its being helpful is not as promising as I would expect for a six-year-old dog. She is comfortable at least, which she was not when I rushe to the hospital the third time in the past couple of weeks. This time a change to stronger medications seems to be tackling her pain. That is not a long term solution of course and I have to make a very hard decision at some point very soon. She was barely able to more on her own since Monday morning and had to be repositioned on a pillow every four hours which hurt her. Today she is able to get up, stand a little and move a it on her own without pain, but I am not sure f she is just in less pain, or if the spinal cord is actually less swollen. For now I am trying to keep her down and resting as much as possible and following the doctor's advice to have her just use the doggy training pads rather than trying to walk or ride a cart all the way outside. Hoping for a miracle, but trying to be realistic to be sure Sully does not suffer needlessly. Sorry for the gloomy post. I don't need or expect any solutions to a problem I know is beyond solving But I wanted to send an update ahead of any really tough changes. It is a very hard new world just waking up without this little dog bringing me her leash and my boots to go out for a walk.

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Oh my....I am so sorry!!  Sending good thoughts and hoping for a miracle for you and Sully! Take care...

Oh no!   I am so sorry.   It's hard when we have to make impossible choices for our beloved friends.  I am hoping that she improves enough to have good quality of life.    Be kind to yourself as you struggle with this decision, and don't let anyone second-guess your choices.

Poor girl.   And hugs to you.

I'm so sorry. I've been wondering how things have been going. Positive thoughts your way, Becca sends a corgi nose bump.

I am so sorry!  So many prayers for both you and Sully.

I know you said you are not looking for advice but I do have to ask if you have looked into acupuncture.  Max had IVDD in his neck, it was stuck in a titled position and he refused to move it and was in a lot of pain.  Like you I could not afford the surgery especially with such a low hope of improvement.  I was faced with making that decision.  My last ditch effort was acupuncture.  We went once a week for several weeks and after the second visit I could see a difference in him.  He was moving his neck and you could tell he was not in pain. He was back to wanting to go for walks and playing.  He was 8 years old at the time.  With maintenance visits and an herbal medicine added to his food twice a day he had no more problems.  He was 13 when we lost him to DM and lymphoma.

I know my experience is not a guarantee that it will work for Sully but like you I was exploring any option and this one worked for us.  Please keep us posted.

Big Hugs for you and Sully.  I'm so sorry to hear this.  I want to echo the thought on acupuncture or alternative medicine.  If it is available to you, it may be something to try if you have no other reasonable options.  I hear, more and more, of successful treatments that don't involve surgeries.  My heart goes out to you in grappling with this decision.

Hugs! You are in a tough situation and i am so sorry.

If you can stay on top of the pain, it may give her body a chance to improve.  Someone who does dog chiropractic, or acupuncture may have something to offer, if available.  Neck surgery is very iffy even in people and I would not do it.  Ultimately, your loving hear will tell you when and what the best thing to do for Sully is.  Hugs.

Thanks, Anna. Sully and I have the same injury and her walking is as limited as mine but her pain is intolerable without continuous medication. Even with that, she is only able to rest and eat small amounts. I wish I had heard about the positive benefits of acupuncture when she first began to show signs of injury. Everything happened so quickly. She went downhill so fast. Surgery was never an option due to the cost and also the concern it may not help, though in my case the pain post-surgery is much more tolerable. I have to have my thyroid removed this week and my daughter was planning to take care of Sully but I think it is best to have her put down over the weekend so I can say goodbye first and be sure she gets the best experience possible in our last minutes together.
Thank you everyone for your kind words and suggestions. I wish I had heard the testimonies about acupuncture when she first began showing symptoms. It may well have helped. Sully seems to be worsening by the hour I'm afraid. Moving her even a bit causes excruciating pain so I do it as little as possible. It is a matter of hours now before she gets some peace but life without her is unimaginable. Even my neighbors are crying. If I had known we would only be together three years I would have been much less strict about her diet. I wanted her to live as long as possible so she never even got to test ice cream, but she did get a strong taste of love at least.
I'm so so sorry you are having to go through this. Words aren't even enough.
Holly I'm so sorry.

She stayed as long as she could and I know how much time and effort you put into her from day one. Best wishes for your own surgery.


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