I'm wondering if anybody has suggestions for treats to occupy Tegan's time when she's in the x-pen?  She seems to be just fine going to sleep in the crate her when I need to leave the house, but she's not very happy being in the x-pen when I just need to get some stuff done without having to watch her every second.  A friend gave me a chew bar from EttaSays, which I'm sure she would love and would probably hold her attention - is it safe to give to an 11 week-old?  Of course she has her toys, but she doesn't seem too keen on them, when she's sure other people are having fun without her.  :)

I'm headed out to buy a kong this afternoon, any other suggestions?  Thanks!

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I may be over-protective but the only. chew treat I allow is a bully stick. I worry about teeth breaking with bones and antlers and intestinal tears with rawhide chews but the bully sticks, though gross, are safe to chew. They see m to last a few minutes but Sully is not an aggressive chewer so it may go more quickly for some dogs.

An 11-week old puppy needs lots of things to teeth on.   Jeli was and still is a voracious chewer so I am always looking for ideas.  I use a kong stuffed with a couple of small pieces of carrot, some kibble and then a glop of canned dog food, then pop it in the freezer.   She loves her frozen kongs.  I also make yogurt cubes by filling an ice cube tray with plain yogurt.  Same type of cubes with pumkin.  For other chewies I sometimes give her Himalayan Yak Milk bones.  When the bone gets small enough that she might try to swallow it, I take it away.  They are a little expensive but usually last a few days.   I do take it away from her after about an hour of chewing tho, because I'm not sure that much yak milk is good all at once.   Be mindful of things that are too hard that might break your pups teeth, and things like rawhide that are difficult to digest.  Good luck getting through the teething stage! 

Be careful of treats, especially large ones.   Most are marked for puppies over 6 months old.  You need to watch the balance of certain minerals--- calcium and I forget what else--- in growing puppies.

You can soak hard rubber or nylon age-appropriate chew toys in some broth to see if that gets her more interested.  A very small amount of cream cheese or peanut butter smeared on a Kong will also usually hold her attention for a little while. 

My pups always loved an empty pop bottle(20 oz.) Make sure the cover is on good but they like to knock it around and the crunchy noise must be appealing also. They do have covers but I don't think they are real safe as they can come off. I have used a tube sock and tied a knot on it.

In addition a few dried beans placed in that plastic bottle makes it more fun and nosey.

We just ordered the newly released Odin dog toy (a kickstarter started boy a corgi owner!) 


It's the same as a lot of hidden compartment toys like a kong or others, but it rolls around, which is great for an x-pen. The only thing I'm not sure about is whether or not an 11-week old puppy would manage to get itself in trouble with this toy.  I don't know from experience.  We usually fill it with kibble or cut up bits of fruits or veggies.

Ice cubes are also fun, because they can be pushed around as well.

Whimsies are a super doggy treat. They are made in Holland from veggies and meat meal. My Corgi loves them. They should be safe for a young tummy and they are hard enough to keep her busy for a while. They come in several different shapes: hedgehog, alligator, toothbrush and cross. One of them is sure to please. AND they are healthy or at least so says my vet.

There's a rubbery thing that looks like a Buckyball. I found ours at a pet store. You stuff pieces of kibble or dog treats in the (many) holes. They rattle around in there. The outside Buckyball-like structure is flexible enough that by nosing pawing or chomping on the thing, Pup can release an occasional piece of loot.

Keeps the dog occupied for awhile without exposing her to a chew toy that could harm her teeth or give her a salmonella infection.

Puppies, when not busy chewing the furniture and peeing on the carpet, spend most of the time sleeping while their humans are absent.

I forgot to log back in and say thanks for all of the great ideas!  We have been having so much fun - it's hard to believe it's been two months already!  But look how much she's grown!  

I always leave a kong with a little cheese inside when i leave my dogs. It gives them something soothing to do and is a great chew toy for teethers. Just make sure its the kind with a hole in two places. There is one out there that only has one hole and the suction can be very dangerous if it gets caught on their tongue. This is a treat they only get when being confined or left alone so they really love it.

The best treat dispensing toy I ever got for my corgi pup was the StarMark Bob-A-Lot (small). It balances so it always stay upright, so when Gutie went to play with it, the toy "fought back". Then he figured out that if he fights it the right away, a treat dispenses and he would entertain himself on that for a good hour. I put kibble in it so it was more healthy for him. Sometimes I would put a whole breakfast, lunch, or dinner in there and he would go to town on it. I also had a variety of different toys to gnaw on (I bought most of them from thrift shops in the baby toy aisle to save $). Gutie also loved his teething rings, frozen carrots, and loved to bat around ice cubes. Even though they gross me out, I give him bully sticks because he ADORES those and will chew, chew, chew.


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