So as many of you know I have 2 corgis.  This weekend I stumbled upon a rescue - 9 years old, handsome devil and considered adopting him.  It's just me and the beasts and I figured I had the space and the love to give.

As I discussed it at the lunch table at school today, 3 people I work with who have three dogs all said if they had it to do over again they wouldn't get the third.  They talked about how when there were two, they were pets and happy, and when they added the third, they couldn't go anywhere with all three dogs anymore if there were going to be other dogs because theirs behaved like a pack of bullies - something that had never been a problem before.

I haven't decided what to do about Duke - but was definitely interested in some discussion on this topic here.

Update:  After much consideration, I have decided not to adopt Duke.  As a teacher, this is a really busy time of year for me - if it were summer and I would have more time to work with him, I would do it, but August/September is just not possible, to make Bear, Goldy and him comfortable.  I will be working hard to find him a home though - the OTHER good part of being a teacher, I have access to LOTS of kids that might be looking for a good dog :)

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Honestly I think it depends on the person. I have Orion (5 months) and Laika (3.5 months) as my two pups but I often take care of my brother's 9 month old Aussie. Having the three of them all together really isn't an issue, they're all good pups and they keep each other busy. Taking them all to the pet store is kind of a pain, its easier with just Laika and Orion, but Orion and Laika go on a duel leash so they're super easy to deal with, so adding a third is just a second leash. Of course, I don't ALWAYS have three dogs around, but I do a lot of the time and haven't had any major problems. The veterinarian I work with just got a third french bull dog and she's loving the three-dog life. Anyways, like I said, I think it depends on the person. I'm sure there are some people who would prefer to only have one dog. All that aside, Duke is absolutely gorgeous! And at 9 years old it may be hard for him to find a home so if you're up for a three dog household I'd go for it :)
I have 3 dogs also and I wouldn't trade any of them.... Cody my oldest is a lab mix and 8 yrs. old he is super mellow and balances the hyper young corgi's out nicely. I'm not one to take my dog's with me on errands or whatnot and all the dog's have their own thing's going on like right Cody is on the annual boy's camping trip( no spouse's allowed) with Greg so it's just me and the corgi's. The corgi's go to daycare on Fridays and Cody stay's home with us and spends the day relaxing and eating lot's of super good treats that are just for him. Greg and I don't take vacation's together anymore because of the cost of boarding three dogs but that's ok. He spends his time hiking up big mountians and I spend my vacation visiting my grandma 2 state's over. So I guess it really depend's on what you do or would like to do in your day to day life and wether a 3rd dog ennance's or diminshes the ability to do these things, then add in the personality and age's of the dogs and see if it's a good balance for you. I will say that having an older dog is great and if I had just Jordan and Teagen right now I prob. would not add a third dog as these two are little firecracker's to be sure =)
That's my other problem - Bear will only be 2 in January and Goldy will turn 1 in September - so I do worry that an older dog would be quite annoyed by the two of them...
The corgi's are a "pack unto themselve's" they play with each other mostly sometime's they convince Cody to join in but I wouldn't say that they pester him. He let's them know when he's done by giving a growl and laying down with his back to them and they do the teenager shoulder shrug thing and run off together to play some more.
I have 3 (one unplanned for large grand dog) and it does make somethings more difficult. I do walk all of them with no problem and don't mind having them all around. Annual vet visits are more expensive and so is boarding. Actually my main problem is that one of them is a doberman (guess which) and a lot of people are afraid of her even though she is a big wuss. If I am gone all day some people do not feel comfortable letting the dogs out for me but if it was 3 corgis I do not think that would be an problem. Bringing in another adult can cause some real issues amongst your group so be cautious.Good training will stop yours from becoming bullies. He sure is a beauty though!!
Handsome duke would be honored to be part of your family. I think it's great you are considering an old timer to add to your home.

I have three, my oldest is Rexx, a lab/chow mix and he is around 8. We had Max first, then Rexx, Max passed and we got Lando Oliver and now Sir Bootsie has joined us. To be honest boarding is expensive but I don't otherwise think about the fact I have three dogs. It is just what it is.
He is very handsome, and I can understand your desire to get a third. The breeder we got our dogs from says she regularly walks three at a time and she has no problems, but then again, yeah she's a breeder and has been for 30 years.

Personally, I'd have trouble. We frequently toss the two of them in the car and go somewhere, and a third would make it awkward. For example, Saturday we grabbed the dogs, towels, drinks, water, leashes, toys, dog food; stopped at the deli for some cold chicken and salads and headed to a state park for a picnic and some doggie swimming fun. We ride them in seat belt harnesses and there's only room for two, so a third would need to go in a crate and since it was not an off-leash park, my husband and I each had a dog on a very long lead (15 feet and 30 feet leads). With a third, there would have been leash tangles as well as travel issues, and the trip probably would not have happened.

You also need to worry about what would happen if you were out on a walk and ran into a problem with, say, a loose dog. Mine got charged once by a loose Boston Terrier while I was walking them alone in the park. Maddie started to engage and I had to think fast about what to do, and what I ended up doing was dropping Jack's leash and sorting out the girls. I knew Jack would not run off and also knew beyond much shadow of a doubt that he would rather do just about anything in the world rather than fight. If I'd had a third I would have been sort of up the creek with no paddle in sight.

If I had much more free time and could do double walks and double training time, I would consider another dog but with my schedule now I know I would lose something in the relationship with the two I have now.

But that is all just me, and other people cope just fine.
My sister-in-law/brother-in-law have 3 dogs, and it works just fine. As long as you have plenty of room for them, so they can get away from each other some times. I would make sure to introduce each of your dogs to the "new" dog separately. So everyone gets to meet without the two buddies ganging up on the new guy.
Duke is very handsome, good luck.
I have several dogs and an older (9?) rescue. The only one I am having a problem with is my 7 year old rescue. My others (age 6 month to 5 years) are great with the older rescue. It just depends on the time you have to give and as someone said you may not be able to go as many places although I travel places with 3 of mine but I also stay home more due to several. Also as someone stated...make sure you do introduce them one at a time! I would do this...but then I'm not your "normal" corgi owner. I would also separate if you do get him while you are gone...just for safety. He is very handsome!!!!!
You could give him a good life for the years he has remaining. He is SOOOOOOOOOOO good looking!!!!!!!!!!!! Dogs are what you make them.....
I should add that I have someone come and stay at my house with the animals when I am gone. It is a little harder to find but since I have 3 dogs and 2 cats it is actually way less expensive than boarding. I have found people through my vet and a friend that is a college professor.
I've never experienced three dogs, but I can't imagine that going from two to three is much harder than going from one to two. (We're currently hosting my in-laws' dog while they're on vacation. Edison is unhappily bewildered at not being the only pet anymore.) At least your present dogs are used to sharing space and attention. As long as the new one has a reasonable temperament and a refuge for when all the other animals are getting to be too much, it shouldn't be too terrible. :)


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