My gizmo loves hiding things inbetween the couch cushions. We do a weekly sock search, in which we lift up all the couch cushions and find pairs of socks stuffed in the cracks. One day we went food shopping and put everything away, except 1 bag got pushed to the side and forgotten about. It had cans and a package of 6 long sub rolls (hero's for those who dont call them subs!).... we all went out somewhere, and when we got back, we tried tossing gizmo a cookie. He stood there and let it bounce off his nose...and slowly walked away. Later that night, we found a 1/2 eaten sub roll stuffed in one of the brother got blamed...then we found the bag with another 1/2 roll in it stuffed wayyy back in the cushion of another couch...gizmo was verrry sluggish that night... he had eaten 5 sub rolls!

another time, he got into a bag in my parents room that had my brother and I's stocking stuffers in it...a bunch of random stuff..and 2 bags of gummi bears. When we came home that night, the plastic bag in the room was opened...the gummi bears were gone. we found 1 completely empty bag of gummis on the living room floor.... and the other bag, still sealed, stuff in the couch! the little bugger was saving it for later!

also, my neighbors doggy sit him while we are on vacation, and they forgot to pick up a bowl of individually wrapped hard candies from their living room table...they came home that night and the bowl was empty, all the candy wrappers were on the floor, no longer containing any candy. he UNWRAPPED all the little candies.

he also likes teasing US with his toys. he'll hold a toy in his mouth and put it on our leg, when we go to take it and play with him he jerks it away...this continues for as long as it takes us to get it!

are your corgi's as mischeivous as gizmo??

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Potus will pick up a towel from his bed by the corner and run at full speed into the hallway. We ask him if he's moving home. Its funny when he's running and trips on the towel trailing behind him :)

He will also get a small toy (or anything small enough) and put it under/behind funiture of the fridge so he can't get it, then scratch at whatevers in the way until we come and get it out for him. He then repeats the processes.
Oh, and strangely he never hides bones or food except for Pedigree Denta Bones- and only Pedigree Denta Bones- he'll whine and try to find somewhere to hide it. Then later he might move it again before he eats it about 12 hours later. Strange puppy :)

He also does the bring toy to us and then refuse to let us have it. We must forcibly remove it and then throw it, he'll fetch it and we repeat agian until he gets bored. He gets quite mad if we refuse to play.
My Morgan is that naughty but not that smart. He always gets caught and has no remorse. He has eaten shoes, leashes, food, boxes .... oh the best thing he has done has to be the grocery run. I left them in the back of the car and went in to get groceries. I put anything tempting (like meat and carrots) in the front and I put the rest in the back seat, on the floor. I took all the groceries in (or so I thought) and did errand with them in the back. When I returned I found a box of milk bone cookies opened in the back of my car. It must have fallen out of the bag and slipped under the seat. Morgan had eaten half of the box, and then left the cookies. He was lying on his back, legs spread apart sunning his belly and smiling, sound sleep. The little devil. After that it has become a regular occurance for him to eat cardboard, he doesn't mind a little fiber. He saves the cookies for last, only after eating the box will he dine on the actual cookies.

It is true, kids always like the present, but love the box it came in!
watch out for plastic bags. A corgi can get suffocated if his head gets stuck in the bag. I'm sure Shiro would steal food if we left it within his reach too.
If KC is left in the car with a fountain pop unattended she will pull the straw out, take the lid off and get a drink, if it is to low for her to get to then she tears the cup apart until she can. So far she has never tore it up enough to have pop all ove
Wynn has a shoe obsession! He will literally try to pull my shoe off when I come home and if I leave my shoes by the door I will have to spend some time looking for them as he will stash only one (of each pair) in the bedroom or a kennel. We have 4 kennels so that can take some time and he may be laying on it! Wynn also will great me at the door holding a shoe in his mouth every time I come home and will pick up my company's shoes and parade around with one in his mouth,he will do this other places too.Wynn has NEVER chewed a shoe...thank goodness!
Sparty loves to shove toys under the couch or coffee table and then bark until someone gets it for him. If you give it to him he just does it again! It gets old real fast....
One of my favorite things Bear does...

We usually stay downstairs, he only goes upstairs if I go. But, every now and then, he'll leave a chew up there and I'll be sitting downstairs watching tv - he'll walk around the living room for a minute and then run upstairs, get the toy and come back down. It's like he's walking around thinking, "where did i leave that bone?" and then he remembers, "oh yeah, it's upstairs." Cracks me up everytime.
When Jack used to sleep in a pen or his crate, we would put in a couple toys for him, and of course his towel. When we'd let him out in the morning, he would drag all his toys, and then his towel, into the living room as if to say "I'm in here now!"

When we let Maddie out of her crate, she first goes over to the area where the food and treats are to make sure nothing fell while she wasn't looking (even though her crate is right next to it). She then does a full lap of the house at a very fast trot, making sure that everything is where she left it, I suppose.

We have cheap quilts on the couches to protect them from dog hair/ drool. Jack has taking to pushing the corner of the blanket out of the way so he can sleep on the nice plush couch. My husband asked "How come we have to sit on the blankets and the dog sleeps on the nice soft couch?" Something's backwards there....
Izzy loves to get up on our couch (covered with sheets because of cat and dog hair) and flip all the throw cushions off before she curls up to sleep. Apparently she isn't too fond of my decorator pillows!
My Benjamin loves hideing things. It is always stressful running around the house in the morning trying to get dressed for college or work and not being able to find your shoes because they are stashed under your bed right directly in the middle! Of course it is not just shoes. It is his bones, toys, sunglasses, color wheels from my art class, and old childrens books. I have no idea what he is planning, and i am not sure i want to! ha ha ha


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