I hope to have 2 litters late next winter or early spring and my question to corgi owners is...would you consider buying a corgi with an undocked tail. Many places in Europe have banned the docking of tails and I feel strongly that I would like to leave their tails but as a small time breeder I also want to make sure that my pups will get sold... so I am just checking out what other corgi owners would do if they wanted/found a pup but it had a tail.I most likely will do this (leave their tails) but would like some input!

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Yes, I would not care if a puppy had a docked tail but the only problem I would see is that due to centuries of docking sometimes they are born with stubs. We ran into some folks one time with a corgi with a 5 inch tail and I must admit that she looked a bit strange because the tail was not a full tail!(looked a little like she got caught in a door or something) I don't know how a non-corgi person would respond to that.
I think if that would happen to any of mine I would have those docked...I know my tri's breeder said that some of hers were born with a short tail and that's why she docked them...
Docking dogs' tails cannot result in natural nubs occurring over time. Only selecting dogs with naturally short tails and then breeding them to each other will result in shorter and shorter tails in each successive generation. Occasional genetic mutations may also show up with natural nubs. Amputation does not affect a dog's DNA, which controls natural tail length. The public's taste for docked tails leads to the continued practice of docking.
I understand the conflict, but it makes me sad when breeders do not dock tails.. I know it's a matter of opinion and no offense to those of you with undocked pems (I think they are super cute too!), but I am such a big fan of the breed as it is that seeing some breeders changing things kind of bums me out.. Again, just my opinion :)
Everyone is entitled to their opinion...no offense taken...just trying to see what others really think! So thanks for your opinion Kelly!
Well, to get technical, breeders change things when they DO dock their tails. Personally I like them both ways. When I first when looking for a breeder, I liked the idea of docked tails, but after getting Oppy and his full length tail, I'm glad we did. There are times that he'll have the most serious look on his face but his tail will be going wild, so you know he's happy :)
I would love an undocked Corgi. Our pup's sire is from the Netherlands by way of Australia. I never met him but I did see pics and he is a lovely undocked Tri. I would actually prefer undocked, but there are so few reputable breeders who don't dock.....

Of course I would need to look at the whole picture about the litter and the parents, etc, but undocked would suit me fine.
I uploaded a pic of the pups before their tails were docked...granted the were only 2 days old...but check them out if you want on my page!
Somewhere around here is a video of a veteran coming home to his two cardies after a year in Afghanistan. Watch those wagging tails, and then ask yourself this question.
I often imagine our dogs with tails.
If, perish the thought, I ever need another dog, I would want an undocked Pem, but I'd first try to get a pup from Gwynn & Al's breeders, docking or no.
Docking is an invasive, nonconsensual thing -- nobody's asking the dogs -- it seems like an arrogant act, when maybe we ought to leave Nature alone.
They curl up next to me under the night mountain sky, next to my sleeping bag, and it looks like they're looking for a tail to wrap over that cold nose.
I would think a person who would reject your pups just because they have tails is kind of superficial, maybe not the sort you'd want to give your pups to.

But a more important question for me is: why two litters? Isn't that a lot to be taking on all at once?
I never meant that I wanted 2 litters at once and I am glad you questioned that...what I hope for is one in maybe late Jan/early Feb and another in May or later...I have 2 females and I would NEVER EVER want 2 litters at once!! I love the pups and all the hard work and fun that goes along with them...but they are raised in my home and that does mean alot of extra laundry,floor scrubbing and socialization not to mention everthing else it takes to raise a pup and to hopefully find them a life long home with people who will love them and treat them as an animal should be treated! People probably think I am obsessed with my Corgis and ok...with any animal I own or come across that needs a home! tThat's probably a true statement!

That is a very good point about someone who would not want a corgi if his/her tail were not docked...as I rreally don't want to and this may have helped me make an important decision as to not dock!
Yes docking is cosmetic, but wanting it doesn't mean you will be a bad dog owner. I think I treat my dogs very well. Yes, when I was puppy shopping, I passed on pups that were not docked (or ones that docked them wrong leaving three inches and it was weird). There are so many puppies out there, one can afford to be choosy.

My dogs still wag their little nubs when we are playing chuck it, I don't think they miss the tails.
I have a traditional docked boy and a girl who's a mix and has a gorgeous tail (that she does wrap over her nose when it's cold and wags like mad when I get home from work). I am all for the natural thing too and will want undocked in the future as well...


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