I just went to my first puppy class with Gendry. It was mostly sitting and listening other than the 10 min of free play. I quickly came to notice the other 5-7 puppies were quietly resting/sleeping at the feet or in the laps of their people. Gendry definitely wasn't doing this. He's never actually slept in my lap or next to me unless he is dead tired. I'm wondering why my puppy doesn't like to cuddle with me!?!

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It is probably his energy level is much higher. I had one like that and when he was a puppy, i held him often when he grew tired. He grew up to be a snuggler but really did not slow down like my others have. He always loved a game more!

Corgis are more independent, he will eventually get more cuddly. I would just sit on the floor with him and let him come to you and crawl on you and maybe play with you and bring the toys in closer to you. I would not force it when he's ready he will and then you will have a snuggler:) Mine like to snuggle(really snuggle in) but Bella is less that way but likes to be by me and snuggles on her terms.

Neither of mine are snuggly.

Linus is not a snuggler.  He's a year old and will let me "hug" him from time to time, but he's such a little fireball that it's difficult to get any real cuddle time from him, he'd rather play. 

Maddie is a super-snuggler and loves a good cuddle. Jack never liked to cuddle at all. Finally at 6 he has decided he loves a good neck rub and will sometimes lay in my lap as long as I don't hover over him; he prefers some space.

I grew up with Spaniels and Labs and so was used to dogs who were much more tactile, but with Corgis it's hit-and-miss and some don't like much physical affection at all.
Our first Corgi was not a snuggler nor a licker, quite the opposite. Bogart, however, is super affectionate, and loves to lick! Just different dogonalities (personalities).

We took Sky to puppy class (starting when he was 8 weeks old!) and had a similar experience. It's not that he doesn't like to snuggle, it's that the class environment was stimulating, boring, anxiety-producing, etc. and he couldn't settle down. I was a nervous wreck by the end of every class because of his constant pulling, sniffing the floor, whining, barking, etc. I had to feed him treats the whole time to keep him focused on me. This made it hard to pay attention to the trainer.

The free puppy play session was the best part, but it was way too short (10 minutes out of the 1-1/2 hr class). There were also times when the humans walked around to each puppy in the circle and greeted them with treats, which was fun. But the parts where we just had to sit still and listen to the trainer talk drove me and Sky crazy! The whole experience was valuable for getting him exposed to other puppies and people, so all in all, I would do it again, but I might wait until he was a little older.

Since we got him, I've sat with him each night at bedtime with a chewie in my hand and we've really bonded and snuggled that way, as others have suggested.

Nellie is exactly the same way. Bouncing, whining, barking while on leash but totally "out of it" seeming or begging for treats when off. At home, she doesn't snuggle and she almost avoids climbing into my lap whenever possible unless if I have something really good, like cheese (and then she stands rudely on my leg instead of actually being in the lap). I'll try the chewing thing but I feel like Nellie won't be duped by it, lol!

Thanks to everyone for their wonderful stories and words of encouragement! I will definitely try to entice him with chewies. Crossing my fingers that he will turn into a cuddler with time. It's so funny that he is so active now. He was the sleepiest of the litter at 8 weeks!

Max was one who always wanted to be on my lap but after we got Katie who is a super velcro dog he doesn't want on my lap but he is always by me.  Katie is crated at night or we wouldn't get any sleep, any movement you make and she is in your face.  Can't close the bedroom door because we have 3 cats and if you know cats...they are always on the wrong side of the door and let you know it until you open it.  Anyways, bedtime is when Max's wants to snuggle...no competition, he is up on the bed and I usually wake up with him between our pillows...head on my pillow and butt on my husband's.

Sit on the floor the floor with him as much as you can...you are down at his level and easier to connect with.  Toys are a good draw.  I am not a fan of rawhide bones....had a dog choke on a piece that she chewed off, thankfully I was able to get it out of her throat but I haven't had them in the house since.

Corgis are just a bundle of energy.  He may not be a cuddler now but that can change in the future.

Abbey does not snuggle.  She does however lay at our feet.  Being playful and very active seems to be more interesting to Abbey than lovin and snugglin! Our Abbey is a delight to have. 

As a puppy Franklin NEVER stopped for more than a few minutes. He would lay down get up, sniff around, play, lay down, etc. Now that he is 4 he is a super snuggler. When he is wound up he still won't snuggle but he is much more mellow as an older boy than he was as a puppy. Give it time. Holding rawhides or chews like others have suggested is also a good way to teach him its ok for people to handle his high value treats. 


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