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Hospital Therapy Dogs!.

Good morning All!.

Never a dull moment in our household Oscar & Sam were up bright and early Sunday morning  brushed , teeth cleaned waiting for Paul to go to work at the Hospital. Every Sunday the Boys go to the Hospital with their dad and the patients love them Oscar is a hit they run around and play with the patients the Hospital administration don't mind as long as they don't go inside but this rule is always broken!. They get spoilt rotton by the Hospital kitchen staff much…


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Who looks after our Dogs after we are gone!.

Hi All,

I was asked by a member where did my Blog go that I wrote saying who looks after our dogs after we are gone?. I got quite a few  responses to it all positive!. I deleted it due to maybe too much personal information so here is a revised edition!. 


My Question to all pet owners!


We all deal with the loss of a beloved pet or pets!. But what about the pets we leave behind? Who speaks for them? as they can't speak for…


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So You think you want a Corgi! By Beth

Corgi's are amazing dogs!. And yes you need to do your research though every dog has it's own personality plus a lot has to do with training and obedience etc!. In 10 years that I've had Oscar I know all his traits good and bad and you know what I wouldn't trade him for anything!. He is very loyal, obedient, does not suffer fools! just like his old Man!. On the other hand he has his quirks! what dog doesn't but it all comes down to training as the old saying goes you only get back what you…


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Re Groomers

Hi All from Oscar & Sam From Down Under in Oz!.

They all look very Beautiful & Handsome after their Grooming!.


Now this is from his Dad Call me sinical and we have come along way technology wise over the years!. I have always bathed and groomed Oscar  & Sam myself 1) being years ago a friend of our's took their Pembroke Corgi to the Groomers and came back with fleas! Yes it may have been an isolated case but other dogs also had the same thing Fleas!. Plus…


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Corgi's herding dogs!.

Having grown up with Corgi's all my life in New Zealand as my Grandmother being English Bred Welsh Pembroke Corgi's we had several on our farm. when we used to go and get the cows for milking morning and afternoon they would come along with us herd up the cows and follow them back to the shed for milking. My Corgi then Fritz got too close to one of the cows he was only young got kicked sent flying and was okay no broken bones!. Fritz never went near the cows again and stayed around the house…


Added by Brian D Graham on March 6, 2013 at 2:00am — 2 Comments

Bathtime for Oscar & Sam @ "The Castle"

Well it's that time of the month again Sam jumps in the spa bath all sudsed  up his favourite doggie shampoo he looks at me as if to say Dad turn on the spa jets lets liven things up here!. I don't think so!. Next minute I hear the Boys other dad on the stairs Paul has been on the night shift @ the hospital. Sam hears his Dad jumps out of the bath dripping wet shampoo suds everywhere and proceeds to jump all over Paul! what a sight. Oscar is looking at me the regal Dog that he is with a look…


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ACL & Hip Displysia

Good morning All,

I'm reading more and more about ACL & Hip Displysia in our corgi's now I'm worried for Oscar as he is now what we class as a senior! 10 years I have him on weight management ekanuba I also have him on the Barf Diet( bones & raw food plus raw vegs carrots some pumpkin though I have read pumpkin is high in sugar!. Oscar and Sam also get 1000 mgs of fish oil capsule everyday. We limit how much Oscar runs around in the park with Sam but he loves it! Sam is only 5…


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Puppy Breeding factories

Here in Australia the RSPCA is trying to stamp out these factories that are pumping out puppies at an alarming rate!. The pet shop chains here in Australia are selling them at an alarming rate!. I look at these puppies in these glass cages and people pay a fortune for them with no history on the puppy!. I know the Government is trying to stamp out these puppy factories! how well it is working I do not know?. My vet told me that most of her clients who bring in these pups they always have…


Added by Brian D Graham on March 2, 2013 at 9:00pm — 1 Comment

Designer Dogs

I was out last week walking Oscar & Sam in our local Heritage Park near our home I can let them off to go exploring and look for rabbits that they never seem to catch but just mention the R word and their off!. I watch all the other dogs in the park and more & more you are seeing the designer dog around!. With the Oddle at the end of it's name! Everybody knows a Corgi and are all excited when Oscar is in the park they always come upto him and Sam and make a fuss!. Call me old…


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Congrats on the newest addition to the family!.

Isn't it exciting when the day comes for your Child(puppy) to come home!. Yes we do go nuts and buy everything in the petstore!. I remember when Oscar came home as a 3 month old puppy I took a months Parental leave everybody @ work laughed but it was the best time bonding with Oscar!. As a parent of a 4 legged child it is just as important to be there for them as it is for a 2 legged Child!. I believe that those first few months sets them up for life!. sleepless nights puppy porrige! the…


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Corn Cobs

Help can someone correct me here I gave Oscar a corn cob when he was a young dog I mentioned this to my vet she read me the riot act!!! It was a NO!! NO!!! I was informed that it could get lodged in the throat and cause other problems if not chewed and digested properly?? I give Oscar raw carrot and apple roughly chopped I was told the carrot was good for their teeth and eyes!.

What are your thoughts on this!.


Brian & Oscar

Added by Brian D Graham on March 1, 2013 at 10:00pm — 3 Comments

Cruising Dog Friendly

Hi All

My next question we all vacation right! we even take our dogs on vacation with us right!. Why is there not a cruise company out there that is dog friendly well within reason!. My partner Paul and I love cruises!. We have to get someone in to dog sit for us while we are away God forbid I would never put my guys in a kennel. I saw the look on the guys faces as we were leaving for the ship I almost didn't go!.

It cant be that hard as you would need a Balcony suite…


Added by Brian D Graham on February 25, 2013 at 6:42pm — 1 Comment

Corgi's are our children!.

It's amazing when I read all the comments people write about our beloved corgi;s the kids as I refer to them as!. It also saddens me when I read about people who harm animals it makes my blood boil!. In Oscar's 10 years I have never raised a hand to him and never would I growl and he knows by the tone of my voice he has done something wrong!.

Look we all make rules no dogs on the furniture! no dogs on the beds!. But how long do those rules last 5 minutes! Yes!. You get that little…


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A question for all corgi owners does anybody know the answer?.

Hi All,

A question that somebody maybe able to confirm?.


My Vet told me when Oscar was a puppy at his first visit to the vet you will notice the white marking on the back of Oscars head. My vet referred to it as the Duchess's thumb print and that it was a sign of good luck for Oscar!. Can anybody confirm this and let me know. I do know from his Pedigree Papers that on his father's side his Great Great Grandfather was from Queen Elizabeth's Royal Corgi's!. This…


Added by Brian D Graham on February 24, 2013 at 7:41am — 1 Comment

Corgi's Dogs or Human!!!

Hi All,

After becoming a member on my and reading some of the stories of owners and their Corgi's It brings home to me something my Grandfather said to me many year ago dogs are more human than human's!. I agree I've had Oscar for 10 years this month and he is amazing!. They say read your dog they are a good judge of people!. Oscar's nature is more human than canine! he knows if my Partner Paul and I have had a hard day at the office we come home he will along with Sam our…


Added by Brian D Graham on February 23, 2013 at 8:30pm — 3 Comments

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