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Who's Herding Who?

I saw this on pinterest and it had me laughing so hard.  Baby corgi and lamb reverse roles and have a good time.

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What's even better than a corgi shirt?? Supporting a small animal shelter!!



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Corgi off Her Feed

Okay, it's prob'ly too early to worry about this.

Last week, M'hijito boarded his ridiculously overbred Golden Retriever, Charley, at my house because he had the doggywobbles.

This was attributed to his having eaten a paper towel whilst counter-surfing. ( NOT get me started!). Since said G.R. showed no serious signs of doggy diarrhea (maybe a little loose u-no-whats but no galloping urgency), I figured the kid was right about the paper-towel…


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Puppy Pix Are Up!

M'jihito drove me out to Wittman yesterday for Puppy-Picking Day, his car being younger and more reliable than mine. We have a pup, a  little girl. A slew of Phone Photos are here: 

Wittman is an hour's drive from central Phoenix. This factoid made for an…


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-Tips for Cold Weather Canines!-

Well, as the infamous groundhog predicted, we have 6 more weeks of this cold bitter winter. As I type this, Westchester County NY has about 8 inches coming down. Bella is ecstatic about the snow, but me, not so much. Here are some tips to keep your corgi, and/or other dogs, safe in this snowy weather. (Some of these depend on the temperature of your area and how cold it…


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Help--Missing/stolen Corgi--Quincy

Lost or Stolen Corgi




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Hello Everyone!

Long time no see I suppose? Yes, well, I am glad to say Bella is doing very well and has recently shed a few pounds. Our New Year was great, and so were our holidays. I am hoping the same went well for you and your furry children, and I wish the best possible this 2014. 

Much fuzzy love, 

        ~Madeline and Bella <3

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New Corgi Owner :)

It's been a long, long time since I've visited, and even longer still since I posted about starting my search for a puppy back in May 2013. I never did hear back from that breeder, but long story short, we now have an eight week old red & white PWC named Shanks.

We picked him up last…


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Happy New Year!

Here's hoping everyone has a great 2014. =)  It's been one crazy but amazing year for us.

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Too good to be true?

So, my little miss Bandit has been home for two days now. When is the other shoe going to drop? When is she going to become a troublesome puppy? I honestly just can't get over how perfect of a puppy she is!

She has been completely accident free.

She doesn't really bark in the house (unless she sees the cat running away from her).

She only whines for a few minutes before settling down in her crate during the day.

At night, she falls asleep within minutes of…


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First Blog Post: Introduction...

So, really quick...this is my first dog since I was a teenager. His name is Shankly and he is 6 weeks old this week. He is a Pembroke Corgi and I have to say, my wife and I are so in love with this little guy. 

We created an Instagram for him, for me to get used to Corgi owners, and the Corgi's themselves. They say "a picture speaks a thousand words" and they do, and the videos on there as well.

We get to bring the little boy home on Nov. 25th. I am so excited.…


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Corgi Costume Parade

It was time for our corgi costume parade around Green Lake in Seattle, on Saturday, October 26.  We had a record turnout.  Over 130 people and too many corgis to county.  This event grows in size every year and is highly anticipated.  We even have our own news reporter that comes out to cover our events.…


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Hello All!

Trying to spread the word too all corgi-lovers! I'm an illustrator and recently created some new corgi-themed art. Prints and stickers are now up for sale!…


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Book On Wheelie Corgis...Lots Of Good Info

I came across this on OCD and I immediately thought of all our sweet corgis here.  I'm sorry I can't remember who it was but they posted about their dog with DM and the need for wheels.  You can get thru CorgiAid.

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Scheduled Bladder Stone Surgery

Well, we did it. We scheduled the surgery for this upcoming Friday. Last night Bella seemed fine, played a bit and ran around with the neighbor's dog, ate all her dinner, and slept on the couch like her normal self. She is completely in good heath other than her current problems and being a tad overweight, but hey, her pudge is what makes her squeezable! Anyways, hopefully the removal will be successful and she won't have problems urinating anymore. She is on a strong antibiotic for…


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Bella is extremely ill at this time....

Bladder Stones. Many Bladder Stones. *sighs* we all didn't see this coming. I am sad to announce Bella may be undergoing a surgery to remove the dozens of ping-pong ball sized stones from her bladder, that caused horrid inflammation in her (lady-part) and on the outside of it. It has caused us both a lot of pain. It is heartbreaking to see her go from a happy dog yesterday where she was playing with little kids at the park, to a mess of a dog. Our hearts and prayers are with her, as she goes…


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Corgi Tripping Problem...

Well for the 1,000th time, I've tripped over Bella. But this time dropping my plate of scrambled eggs, toast, and bacon...i'm starting to think she's doing it because it's funny. Well, she got what she wanted, a plate of human food. 

Ever since she was a pup we'd been tripping over her long hotdoggy body. I mean it used to be just a stumble and a laugh, but as she got older/bigger its been a fall and an ouch. It's sorta funny how obnoxious she is on having to wedge herself in between…


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Corgi siblings

I love seeing other corgi’s finding their siblings on here. I want to see if I can find any of the Luigi’s siblings. Luigi came from Dovetail Ranch in Dublin, TX. He was born May 7, 2013. I know he had three brothers and one sister. Their mom’s name is Seven. They were all tricolor. I remember the names of the puppies were odie, piper, oliver, and rowdy. My corgi was named rascal but now it is Luigi Rascal Vicari. I would love to see how they are growing up and how much or different…


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Just a Little Treat!

Hey guys! It's been a lazy hot NY day, unlike yesterday with our crazy story "A Scary Day at the Swimming Hole...". Here's just a thank you out of generosity!  Follow us on…


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Backcountry hiking with corgis -- some things I've learned.

We once quickly returned 2 lost pointers because the owner's cell phone# was on the collars.  Test your microchip when you visit the vet -- Gwynnie's gave no signal!

chillybuddy cooling vest    keep in plastic bag, so you can add water to wet it (crtitical; much of the cooling is evaporative).  They wilt in sun above treeline and this thing really does help.  Size Medium with a Small girth strap.



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